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Obsidian Ltd. is a company based in the Pacific Northwest of Canada that is rapidly expanding with divisions in Lab and Welding Products under the Obsidian Group. Obsidian is well known for providing high quality items at factory direct prices.

As a manufacturer and distributor of abrasives and welding ceramic related products, Obsidian offers a large selection of welding ceramic backings, cutting discs and grinding wheels. Obsidian's high performance products improves quality and increases welding productivity while reducing cost. Our manufactured products serve the global market through an extensive distributing network from Europe and Asia to North America.

At Obsidian, we feel it is important to contribute to the community. Venues as well as community contributions to support grass roots sports from Simon Fraser University rugby to 'Push for the Cure' for Breast Cancer allow us to give back to the community. We continue to support ongoing projects to promote physical fitness and health.







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