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Concept of one-side welding backing material: The one-side welding backing blocks are ceramic products widely used in one-side welding technique of CO2 semi-autmoatic welding. They are suitable for welding backing material in shipbuilding, maritime construction, chemical industry and other steel structures.

The application is a flexible way of the one side welding technique with the backing material allowing one to save on back processes. Productivity is raised due to this and cost lowered as working environments are improved.

One Side Welding Backings



Features of one-side welding backing material: The ceramic backing blocks use natural inorganic material (kaolin, talc) which are mixed in a precise formula to form a ceramic powder shaped under pressure and baked at high temperatures (1350-1400C).

Due to having undergone baking in high temperatures, the blocks have excellent resistance to heat shocks int he course of rapid heating or cooling. Under the high temperature of welding, they remain stable without producing molten metal drops. At the same time, a good back bead is formed.

Ceramic materials have the fine property of acid and alkali resistivity. In the process of welding steel pieces, no deformation, physical or chemical reactions occur.

The adhesive aluminum tape contains no halogen and no chemical reactions occur during the process.

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