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OBSIDIAN is a manufacturer and distributor of abrasives and welding ceramic related products offering a large selection of welding ceramic backings, cutting discs and grinding wheels. OBSIDIAN's high performance products improves quality and increases welding productivity while reducing cost. Our manufactured products serve the global market through an extensive distributing network from Europe and Asia to North America.

Save Time, Energy and Cost
If you have never used welding ceramics, you will know how much time is spent charcoal digging and root cleaning. If you have ever used a typical welding ceramic backing you will know how time consuming and frustrating they are to work with as the adhesive is weak and the piece you’re working with falls off easily. What is even more frustrating is having to retrieve the pieces, especially for those who climb high ladders to weld.

Easy Welding Ceramic is very efficient and easy to use. With the strong bond adhesive backing, there is no need to waste more time and energy doing the same job as using the typical backings.


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